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wpForo 1.x.x How to remove or redirect WPForo Registration page?

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I'm running WPForo with Ultimate Member and have a custom UM registration page.

I have been getting a number of bot sign ups who are bypassing the registration page - I know this because they are not filling in the required fields and all new members must be manually approved by Admin. But whenever i check Users, there a number of bots in there.

So, on the UM Support, a member kindly pointed out that he had the same problem and that it was because the fake accounts were coming through from WPForo's registration form: (

He fixed this by redirecting WP's to UM's. 

However, when I try to redirect i’m faced with a drop down option to select either logged in or logged out users.

So, if I set the redirection on WPForo’s login page to redirect users to my custom login, then anyone who is not already a member and logged into my site can no longer see/access the forum, which is what I don’t want.

Do you have any advice for redirecting?

Or, even easier, is there a way to delete this page without redirecting?

Thank you.

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Hi @teepeenomad,

If you don't want to use wpForo Reg/Login forms, go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Feature Tab and disable the below options:

  1. Enable User Registration(Disabling this option won't let users register through wpForo Reg form)
  2. Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL
  3. Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL
  4. Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL

Then go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Members Tab and check Custom Authorization URLs field, set the Login/Reg/Reset Password URL's to UM ones.


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@chris hi, thank you for your swift response. 

That worked, thank you. 

When I put that url in, it still takes me to the WPForo registration page but there's a note there saying registration has been disabled. But as nobody (other than bots) should be able to find that url anyway, this shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully it stops the bots coming through with automatic approval. 

Thank you,