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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] How to set the forum so usergroup does not need moderation

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We have just started using wp foro for the forum for my membership site.

As only my members are able to access the forum, I would like members to be able to post topics and posts without the need for moderation.  Can you please let me know which item I need to tick in the Usergroups area.

NB It would be REALLY helpful if you had a page which listed all the different items and exactly what they mean.  Those of who are not techie and are unfamiliar with using forums struggle with the terminology. 

For example, I suspect that I probably need to tick the 'Front - Can pass moderation' item but how can I be sure that that is what this means?  Maybe it means something else?  I don't know.


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Hi @tessashepperson,

1. In Forums > Usergroups admin page edit all Usergroups and enable/check the "Can pass moderation" permission.

2. In Forums > Tools > Antispam admin page set low suspicion level for topic and posts:

  • Spam Suspicion Level for Topics  - 10
  • Spam Suspicion Level for Posts - 10


Also, I'd recommend setting 1 or 2 the "User is New (under hard spam control) during first X posts" option in the same Forums > Tools > Antispam admin page.

More information about wpForo spam control you can find here:

Here is wpForo documentation, it is very easy and contains lots of screenshots. You can start here:

You can find many Youtube videos as a tutorial too:

The changelogs of a new release you can find here: