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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] I can't add new topic

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Hello, Hope you can help with the following.

On the page I have added a forum.
The problem is that we can't add new topics to the forum.
Members are registered and have standard access, so everyone should be able to add a new topic.

The website is build in Divi, we are using Wishlist Member and as security Wordfence Security.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You've played with forum access and configured all incorrectly.

  1. Please leave screenshots of the parent/category permission box (on edit forum screen).
  2. Then leave the same screenshot of all forums and subformus where users cannot create the topic.
  3. Then show screenshot of the users account page, so I could see what Usergroup they have.
  4. Then edit the standard access and the uergroups and leave screenshots of them so I can see what permissions are enabled there.
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@gea Please disable Rocket caching from whole wpForo pages. No caching should be used along with wpForo. Exclude it.

Also fix this issue you have:


Uncaught TypeError: wpforo.template_slugs is undefined
    jQuery 10
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@dimalifragis, thank you this solved the problem.

@robert, wprocket was the problem.