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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Issue with Forum Settings

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I have setup my forums, and setup Read Only for access to replies, topics, and forums for a specific member group.  However, the "REPLY" link next to the "QUOTE" link, next to the "LIKE" link all still are visible.

I allow them to LIKE, but not reply or quote.

The problem is: 1) neither the reply link, nor the quote link should be visible.   2) since they are, when I click on Reply or Quote - I get a popup saying: please login or register..  but I AM logged in & registered.

Expected result: would love to have the links "gone" if I have no access, but will take instead a message in the popup that says: you have no access for this action.

See my screen shots of all my settings for further information.

  • Yellow Arrow shows the Forum Setting for Member Access (must be logged in to have member access)
  • Red Arrow shows Access Settings in wpForo - Can View Replies, but Cannot Reply nor post
  • Purple Arrow shows a forum entry / post in this category that is set with this privelege
  • Green Arrow shows the link at the bottom of this post (links showing up when they should not)

If you want access to my forum, please email me, and I'm happy to take this further.



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Hi @dlinstedt,

Yes, you can see the reply button, but it'll not open the reply form. Also, you'll not be able to see the reply from on bottom of this topic. We'll remove the reply button in future releases too.

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Thank you for looking into removing the "reply link", I need the "quote" link removed as well, as it produces the same reaction.

Agreed that it does not open the reply form, it is however confusing for users to see "Login or register" popover when they already are logged in & registered. Just that they don't have access to reply or quote.