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[Solved] Last name field not working on profile

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Dear WpForo, 

I recently updated to the newest version of the forum plugin. It looks and works amazing. Thanks for the beautiful new look and great new features. 

I did however found that the last name field on the profile does not display the name anymore. As you can see in the attached image. The first name field works as expected and shows the actual name. the last name field used to work the same before the update. 

The last name field now only shows a placeholder text (achternaam), not the actual last name that does exist in the user profile. To be clear, the text you see in the last name field is a place holder text, not actual text. 

You can see in the image that the last name is correctly shown on top of the page. Also if I type a new name into the (empty) last name field and save the profile, the new name does register. It has changed the name in the WordPress user account and on the forum as well. But the last name box remains empty even after saving the page with a new name. 


The problem for my forum members is that they cannot save the profile page without filling in their last name every single time they want to make a small change on the profile page. This field cannot remain empty if you want to save the page. It is a required field. It is confusing and annoying to them, and I now have to explain this to them every time. 


Again, this field worked fine before the update. The first name field still works. Nothing else has changed.

I checked for conflicts with other plugins but that does not seem to be the issue. 


Could this possibly be a little error in the new version?  


Your help is much appreciated!


PS:  I have multiple and separate websites with The WPFORO plugin, they all have the same problem with the last name field. This makes me think it might be a problem in the WPFORO code and not a local problem on my website.


PS2: The site language is Dutch. here is some translation:

voornaam = first name

achternaam = last name

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Hi @david_nova,

How I understand, you are using wpForo User Custom Fields Addon. As wpForo by Default doesn't have that field.

If that's true, please create a new Topic at gVectors wpForo User Custom Fields Addon Forum, as we provide here support for wpForo main plugin not for the Addons.