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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Like and unlike button for next verion

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Thank you for the wonderful work and the creation for the plugin. So wonderful!

Although a like button shows ... But can we (I) get a dislike button too for some layouts both topics and posts

This would enable users to express their minds... The forum should operate on like and dislikes not just like on extended it like and unlike.

Please kindly consider this.

It also goes with the gamipress integrations better...

Thanks in advance!

@chris I would also like to know how I can check for backdoors and errors on my site frontend.

Thanks for the plugin is amazing and perfect!

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Nope. No dislike is needed. No need for any kind of hate strategy.

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But people should be able to express then selves...

Imagine a forum where politics is discussed etc


Or a debate forum


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It's not planned yet. But we'll take this into consideration for sure.

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I actually meant a dislike button...

Like and dislike button

I understand everyone can't be the same but if you check asgoras forum they have a like and dislike button.

This would help user to be kind of like show their dislike for a post or topic if they don't accept the opinion of the other individual.


So the expression could be Chris and 50 others reacted to this.

a counting of the like and dislike

👍 15 👎 4


Thanks for creating the plugin!