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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Links Not Formed Correctly

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Hi I'm having an issue adding links to posts, they are adding a lot of extra noise to the link so they don't form properly. I've tried several options on different posts. In the image I've attached is how my links look in the edit function, but instead they appear like this:  A">  Q">
ii  w">
iii  A">
iv  Q">


Any idea how to stop this happening? I have a post I'd like to share out but can't when it looks like this.


Many thanks


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Just don't copy/paste from other web pages. This is called "dirty copy", and you should not do that. When you copy some links or HTML content from some web page, you should paste it in the post editor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V, or just use the [T] button, click it before pasting the copied content or link:

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@robert THANK YOU I will try that