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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Making Forum page match the overall width of my WP theme?

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I installed WPForo yesterday and it's incredible- a WORLD apart from BBpress.

I have the Forum page set to "Full Width"- and it all works fine. I'm using the Vantage Pro theme for my site.

However, the width of the Forum (and WPForo Menu bar) is slightly indented from the overall width of the Vantage theme- including the Main Menu. Is there a simply way (Custom CSS, or editing a CSS file)- that will make the Forum (and it's Menu) EXACTLY the same width as the overall Page / Main Menu? This will look much neater.

Many thanks

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This sis sidebar widget cache issue. Please navigate to Dashboard >Appearance > Widgets admin page and put some widget in wpForo Sidebar, then check it on front end. Also remove all caches before checking.

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This issue was resolved by Vantage Theme developers here: