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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Member Teams

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Hi I'm trying to use wpforo for something it is probably not designed for: creating a workflow space similar to Slack or Ryver. Out of the box and with the upload addon it is 85% there. My need is this - I want to be able to let any member of my site create a "project" (as a topic under a Projects forum). Most of these "projects" would be open to participation by all members, but I'd like front-end users to have the option of inviting team members and restricting activity to those team members.  Ideally they could do this on the front-end without me (the admin) having to mess with permissions.  Any ideas how this could work?

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Permission control is only available for admins, wpForo doesn't have front-end permission control features. There is no way to do this with wpForo. You should find some developer to write a custom script.