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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Membership Plugins and forum output restriction

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Hi, I'm looking at turning my website into a paid membership site.

I understand that these plugins tend to work by restricting access to certain pages depending upon what level of membership access is granted to the user.

I also see that we have a number of WPForo shortcodes at our disposal, that can be used to display a specific forum on a seperate page which is really cool.

In simple terms, I want my Q&A forum to require paid membership for access.

I can do this by using the shortcode [wpforo item="forum" id="**"]. and then simply restrict access to the page on which this shortcode is placed.

However, the standard forum output page using the (wpforo) shortcode outputs all forums on the one single page as expected. i.e /community (which outputs everything).

How do I prevent the Q&A forum from showing up in the standard forum output, so that my users can only see that particular forum by visiting the restricted page which is outputting the relevant shortcode as shown above?

Thanks in advance

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I'm really sorry but this doesn't work. The pages you're creating for separate forums only displays a list of forums, these pages don't become the forum root. So all links of these forums still goes to the main forum page, which is the only root. There is no way to have many root pages. Shortcode pages are only for listing forums, nothing more. The main forum page will always be available for all users, it doesn't matter you have a separate page with shortcode or not.

wpForo is not compatible with WP role based user restrictions plugins yet (paid membership plugins). I've mentioned many times that we've already started working on this and are planning to make wpForo Usergroups dynamic connection with WP roles very soon. This will automatically enable your plugin to control forums ad topic accesses.

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This will be great, can't wait for this functionality to come out as I feel it's a real necessity when running more complex websites with varying methods of monetization.

Hope it's not too far off as be great for a project I'm working on.

Keep up the good work!