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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] moderation in new topic sharing

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Hello. My forum page shares the topic without moderation. Which makes my forum page open to spama. How am I going to fix this? I mean, how am I supposed to shut down sharing every new topic without approval?

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Hi @onurkansan,

Please Read this FAQ Topic about spam, there is mentioned how to regulate topic/post moderation options.

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I think the settings in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam tab are what you need. I mean the following options:

  • User is New (under hard spam control) during first posts
  • Posts must be manually approved
  • Spam Suspicion Level for Topics
  • Spam Suspicion Level for Posts


Or uncheck the "Can pass moderation" for certain usergroups. In this case, all posts of the usergroup users will be unapproved and will require your approval: