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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Move Post to a New Topic

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There's a graphic on the Release Announcement for 1.4.0 entitled "Added: Topic and Post front-end moderation (approve/unapprove)"

Does the move link in the upper right allow me to move the Post to a New Topic?

If not, how do I move a post to a new topic?



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Hi NickF,

yes, using the tool you can:

  • Move Topic
  • Move Reply
  • Merge Topics
  • Split Topic 

More info here you can find here:  

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Hey Sofy,

I just used the tool to move replies to new topics - that also worked well at first sight.

But now the problem is that the Administrators can see the posts in the new threads, but the "Standard"-users can't. It shows the number of answers but not the answers themselves.


It seems that there is a permission problem, but I can't find how to fix it. I hope you can help me, because my users can't find their own posts and replies at the moment. 😔 


Thanks for your help!