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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Moving WPForo from dev to live server

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Has anyone ever moved a forum setup from a dev site to a live site? If so what is involved with that. I can't find any import/export functionality n the plugin.

I've setup the forums the way I want them to appear on the dev site, but the dev site is out of date so I can't just substitute dev for love, I need to move the WPForo setup from the dev server to the liver server. There are no posts that I need to worry about, just the setup/forum lists.



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Hi @sitebastion,

First, you have to know that you need to do the transfer from the database.

And make sure that you don't have activated wpForo in the site2, if it has been activated, you will need to uninstall the plugin.

Make sure the 1 (source site) and 2 (target site) websites table prefix is the same (e.g.: wp_ )

You need to open phpMyAdmin find `wp_options` tabel open the table and export all the rows where `option_name` LIKE '%wpforo_%' except wpforo_version row.

Then backup wpForo tables with DROP TABLE command (all tables with wpforo_ secondary prefix, e.g.: wp_wpforo_… ) from and import to database if you don't need the topics and posts, you must truncate the topics and posts tables.

Then you should install a fresh wpForo on and activate it.

However, this is not a simple task. If you're not sure that you can do this, it will be better to provide this work to a WordPress Developer who can do it clean and without any mistakes.