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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] New user gets notification to reset his password

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In addition to the registration confirmation request of a new user he gets also mail asking him to reset his password after registration to the forum - Why?

The reset request comes from WP admin site (that's me) and the login dialog is a standard WP login asking for 12 characters long password which is pain in the a.. for the casual user.

After seeing the change password screen I quit it (that was my test user) and everything works fine for him with the original name/password as registered.

Is there a parameter in the setup that I've missed?


Thank you 

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Ok, thank you for letting us know, this may be an issue from our side. I'll update this topic once we checked this.

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How to remove the last link in the email. I doesn't want the default wp-login, instead wp-foro login is better. 

How can imake it

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Has this issue been sorted?

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Yes, this issue was fixed two years ago.

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