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[Closed] new user ... looking for some help

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I installed the wordpress app software on my site ... ... but it is very complicated ... I was hoping someone can help 

All I want to do is set up some discussion boards and have users of my news websites to join in and discuss but I can't seem to get the boards and topics set up right ... it doesn't seem to work at all

It seems like thew perfect system but it is very complicated ... isn't there a simple way to do all this? There's just too much

any ideas from anyone?

thank you so much

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4 Easy steps:

1. Install WordPress

2. Login to Dashboard, go to Themes, search and install preferred theme

3. Go to Plugins, search and install wpForo

4. Find your forum on website front with /community/ path


wpForo comes with Login and Register pages, so you don't need to customize them. They'll be available on the forum page.