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[Solved] No more attachments are allowed today

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members report receiving the following message

"No more attachments are allowed today"

when trying to add an attachment (we are using the embed addon) or a picture. But we have not made any restrictions, actually you should be able to add infinite attachments or images.

Does anyone have any idea?


Thanks, Bernd

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Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Addon Setting > Advanced Attachments >
Usergroup Based Options > Maximum uploaded attachments per day

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@tutrix Thanks for caring! But as I wrote, it is set to zero for group "members" to remove the limit, and the member should be able to post 30 attachments per day. This is the problem ...

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First please make sure this is not a user specific issue and the issue exist for all users, test with another user. Then move this topic to gVectors Support forum and mention that you've already set 0 Maximum uploaded attachments per day option for all usergroups.

I'm I correct? Have you set it for all usergroups? The addon setting page has abs on the top, and you can change the tab and set different values for each usergroup individually:

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@robert Thanks for caring again. Yes, all usergroups were and are set to zero. I'll move the topic to GVectors.