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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Overlap with membership plugin

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Hi Support:

I use a membership plugin to sign up users and restrict content. I use it to restrict access to pages including my Q&A forum.

When a user registers using the membership plugin he is 1) created as a WP User, and 2) assigned a membership role by the membership plugin. He is also 3) created as a "registered" user in WP Foro. 


  1. When I delete a user from the WP Dashboard>Users I get this confirmation message:

    Delete Users

    You have specified this user for deletion:

    • ID #83: TestUser



    Can you tell me what the reference to WP Foro means in this message?

  2. I want to avoid overlap and potential conflicts with the membership plugin. Are there any settings that I should consider to ensure that the membership aspects of WP Foro will not conflict?

Thank you.

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Hi @quizzical,

All is correct. It checks posts and topics created by the user you want to delete. If there is no any post you just see the #wpForo phrase, so you can delete without any worries. If the user has some topics or posts, you'll see an option to assign that topic to other users or delete the user with all forum data. In any case this is not dangerous.

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@robert Thank you.