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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] PDF Files not downloading

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Hi - I have a forum and users can add pdf files but they cannot download them. When you click on the download link they are taken to a white page.

I have tried adding an HT Access file to the/wp-content/uploads/wpforo/default_attachments/ folder with the following code:

<FilesMatch "\.(gz|pdf|zip|rar)$" >
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Satisfy any

An example of the pdf download link not working in a post can be found here:

pdf download fail example

I am struggling to see why this is not working can anyone help? Is there different code in the HTAccess file I should be using?

Thank you

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Could you please remove that .htaccess file? Also, please check and remove that kind of .htaccess rules from the root directory and in all folders of this tree /wp-content/uploads/wpforo/

This is either .htaccess configuration or some security plugin issue. After checking all .htaccess files please check your plugins to make sure they don't affect it. Then contact to your hosting service support and let them check file type accessibility on your hosting server. This issue doesn't have direct relation to wpForo and it cannot be fixed from wpForo side.