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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] permissions bug: CAN SEE REPLY Even though it's turned off

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To whom it may concern:  I turned on: CAN VIEW TOPIC

and turned off: CAN VIEW REPLIES

for GUEST (not logged in)

I tested my site:

And was able to see both the topic AND the reply (ie: Joan Jett)

This is not the way the security setting is supposed to work (as I understand it).  Please fix this?

I have turned the "CAN VIEW TOPIC" back off on my site (for now), and added a screen shot image of what this looks like. 

Yes I did clear out all caches

Yes I did clear web-browser cache

Yes I did clear user caches & wpForo Caches

Yes I did clear web-server caches.

Yes I did log out, and log back in (even shut my web browser down)

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If you turned On the "CAN VIEW TOPIC" then it visible for guests. I'm sorry but the "CAN VIEW REPLY" permission not in use, it's not included in core permission functions yet. We may add it in future releases. You should not use this permission yet.

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Thank you very much, I appreciate the honesty, and I really do love wpForo - it's an amazingly complete forum.   I eagerly await the arrival of the active permission switch.