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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] permissions of WPforo

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I have dealt intensively with the permissions of WPforo, but cannot come up with the solution.
I want the following.
After registration, the approved member should be able to write forum posts and comments in wpforo. These should be activated directly, like here in this forum.

I tried my own wpforo role. I can't find a setting that allows this.
I cannot use a WP role like author or editor, as the member then has full access to all media data.

Why is there not this immediate approval for topics and comments in the wpforo settings?
Or did I miss something?

Many thanks for the support

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Hi @thorsten32,

This has nothing to do with the permissions. Make sure you've not misconfigured them during your searching. The "Can pass moderation" permission should be enabled for all usergroups, excerpt Guests.

wpForo has a Spam Control system. You just need to decrease the control level or disable it. Here is a related article: