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Redirect after login when clicking on link

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Is there a way to have my site auto-direct people to a WP-foro post link once they click on it and log in?  Logins are managed by my woocommerce membership site. Here's the flow I'm hoping to achieve:
  1. I send someone a protected link to a specific WPforo post
  2. If the user is already logged in (most aren't), they arrive directly on the proper WPforo post page
  3. If the user is NOT logged in, they are sent to the login screen.
  4. They login, and are directed automatically to the intended post
Currently this isn't happening.  People are being directed to a log in, but then left on a general welcome page instead of being directed to the originally intended page.   Can you help?
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Hi @ldpconnect,

wpForo does it well if you use wpForo login page. However, it cannot do the same if the login page is provided by other plugins. There is no option to make it working unless you request for custom feature development here: