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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Set all topics to private by default

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I would like the ability to set all topics created on a certain forum to be private by default. Users share sensitive information on this forum and can't take the rise of exposing these information if someone forget to tick the Private Topic.

I understand this is not possible on current version. But hoping someone can give me a code snippet till the feature is implemented. I'm guessing this is not a hard thing to do.


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It's hard to say if we'll add this in our to-do or not. I'll ask our theme to take this under consideration.

In case you want to do this manually, please open the  /wpforo/wpf-includes/class-template.php file, find this line:

<input id="wpf_t_private_<?php echo $uniqid ?>" name="topic[private]" type="checkbox" value="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;

Change to this:

<input id="wpf_t_private_<?php echo $uniqid ?>" name="topic[private]" type="checkbox" checked="checked" value="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;
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Thanks for the reply Robert. I understand that this is not high priority for developers. And may never get added as it's a special requirement.

I believe the code you gave change it globally. Not what I was looking for.  I want it to work on a single forum or category.

Thanks anyway. I really like wpforo.