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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Settings, Styles, Dark problem

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Hi support,

I have set my wpforo to the Dark Style ...

Now I was able to adjust several of the default colors for the Dark style so it suits my wishes a bit more.

There is one color style that I can't seem to adjust/find, so I was wondering if you know how I can adjust it?

If I click on the Attach file (I have the advanced attachments addon), I see white with almost white letters, see the attached image.


Do you know how/where I can adjust the color of these letters in the pop-up screen?

Kind regards,


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Hi @astropixelprocessor,

Try this CSS code. Put it in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles > Custom CSS Code textarea. Save it, delete all caches, navigate to forum front-end and press Ctrl+F5 to reset browser cache:

#wpfa_dialog .wpfa-dialog-item-col a,
#wpfa_dialog .wpfa-dialog-item-col .label{color:#333333;}

For further support please open a topic in addons support forum at Here we only support the core free wpForo plugin.