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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] subscription problem

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WPForo and its add-ons have been great!  Love it.  But I do have a small problem:

One user has not signed up for subscriptions but is getting multiple notifications.  When he goes to his subscription page it shows he has no subscriptions.  He can't turn off what he doesn't seem to have and he continues to get the subscriptions regardless.

Any ideas on how to work with that?


Thanks, Tom


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Hi @trgolden,

Please note the email subscription does not have any relation to notifications.

The uses get a notification for the following cases:

  • - New reply in your topic
  • - New reply / quote to your post
  • - New like to your post
  • - New up / down vote to your post
  • - User @mentioning

Also, please check the changelogs below: