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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Title tag not displaying on forums

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Hi! I've enabled the "Enable wpForo SEO for Meta Titles" option in my Forums settings and have entered a title within the "Forum Title" field. However, no title tag displays for my main forum page ( ) or any forums/sub-forums.

I have the Yoast SEO plugin enabled, as well, but have nothing entered into the Yoast title/description fields for the "Forums" page on which the [wpforo] shortcode lives. I had some text entered there, but nothing was displaying. I figured maybe it was conflicting with the "wpForo SEO" functionality, so I got rid of what I'd written. Unfortunately, the problem remains.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi @danielvdell,

The same issue is discussed here:

First of all please deactivate the other SEO plugins, delete all caches and check again. If it doesn't help deactivate other plugins one by one and check after each deactivation to find the problem maker one. 

The issue may come from the active theme as well, so please switch to some default theme and check again.