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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] "User Profile & Notifications" Widget is missing button text

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Hi so i have recently installed wpforum. I am using the widget through "widgets for shortcodes" plugin so I can display your widget as a shortcode anywhere on the website. 

When I use the "User Profile & Notifications" Widget, the buttons appear, but not the text. So on desktop users can hover over and it shows tip on what the button is but that's it.

There is no text though which makes it difficult to identify them as buttons.
Also, should buttons have a picture like in the answer provided here: ??

Mine does not look anything like that. My buttons are solid blue rectangles, my bell is a solid grey circle and I don't believe it shows the user as being online either like in the image above.

I also had to align the avatar with username through custom css.

Have I done something wrong?


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Hi @brael,

Try this. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab, find "Enable wpForo Font-Awesome Lib" option and set it [Sitewide]. Then delete all caches and check it again.

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@robert You absolute legend. Such an easy fix as well, thanks so much for assisting with this. It was driving me nuts!