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wpForo 1.x.x User profile permissions

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Ok I did a database backup then bit the bullet and did the above

Its now fixed  👍

The "Registered" usergroup no longer have access to the "Change group" option on their account page.

I've now also enabled my wpForo User Custom Fields plugin and its still fine.

So there you go folks simple solution but still begs the question what happened to cause it in the first place.

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I don't have the Custom Fields plugin and I don't use Woocommerce so my solution was to simply delete the Customer user group - being part of the 5 core WPForo user groups though I suspect it will get reinstated on a future update, hopefully they will have fixed the bug in such update.

Is your recreated Registered user group set as default?

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I just checked and they even have the issue here on their own forums. I can go into my profile and change my user group from 'Subscriber' to 'Customer', see attached screenshot.

Hey @robert, I'm not sure if you're still following this thread, but I did NOT file a support request on the  gVectors Team support forum because this bug really seems like it's in "core" and not due to the add-on. Is there another place I should be filing a bug report? To me this seems like a pretty serious issue. It's preventing us from being able to move forward in implementing wpForo on our site.

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Thank you maccast,

This issue is already fixed in next 1.4.8 version. Please wait for the next version.

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Great!! Thanks!  😀 

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Reviving an old Post here however, the issue I'm having is identical to what was mentioned here.

My users has the ability to change their User Group from Registered to Admin and others through their Account tab.

I noticed @robert commented awhile back that this would be fixed in version 1.4.8 however, I am updated to 1.8.4 and no other Add-ons for WPForo. 

I've moved my user base from Registered to Customer and back.  Really stuck here searching for a possible solution. 



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