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[Solved] Would like to remove "or Register" from the error message that has the phrase "Please Login or Register"

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We have added a membership plugin to our site and are making the wpForo forums part of it. Any membership of our new member role will have standard access to our forum. We have a new "Limited Access" access rule for guests and customers to only see the forum listings, be able to view the topic lists, but not be able to go into the topics and participate without a membership. Registration is available through the WordPress registration system so we don't want people to try and register through wpForo. We will turn off registration in wpForo but leave the ability to log-in since members might want to log-in through there if they need to. 

That said, I have edited the phrase "You do not have permission to view the content" to be one that says only members have permission to engage in the forums. I would like to remove "or Register" from the additional line in the error message that says "Please Login or Register". Or, say "Members may login here". How would I do that? I assume it's not in the Phrase register, but can I do that as an addition, or is that not possible because hyperlinks are involved in the output?

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In the Phrases page, search for " Please %s or %s " the second %s is the registration.

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Thank you, Chris. I appreciate your response.