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Style [Closed] WpForo Dark Theme not applying to child windows

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Hello, I've been quite happy with WpForo's integratability into WordPress.  So far so good, I'm generally pretty happy with it.

One issue that's bugging me: I selected the WpForo "Dark" theme.  For the most part it's working fine--but any "child windows" (i.e. "Add Link", "Notifications", etc.) are all bleach-white, rendering them effectively useless.  (See attached screenshot.)

I've dug into the CSS from Firefox Developer tools, and in each case, there's a "background-color: #FFF" on the offending items.  What confuses me about that, is that none of the WpForo theme colors are bleach-white.

Can I solve this at the root without just blanketing CSS "!important" on top of problem CSS?

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Hi @gensiddy,

Try this css code. Put it in Dashboard > wpForo > Colors & Styles > Custom CSS Code textarea and delete all caches:

.mce-window .mce-container-body.mce-abs-layout .mce-widget{
    color: #333 !important;