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[Solved] Avatar and profil page two pages

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Hello, first of all, I use google translate because I don't speak English.

the forum works fine on my site but I'm having trouble with the sign up page on the avatar and profile pages

2 different profile pages appeared on the site and my wordpress avatar on my site is not visible in the forum


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Hi @guneybalakan,

wpForo is already integrated with the most popular builder plugins: BuddyPress and Ultimate Member.

The integration includes the following features:

  • Profile page replacement (single profile page provided by e.g. BuddyPress)
  • User Activity integration
  • Forum tab with all sub tabs on the BuddyPress profile page
  • Integration with the Notification system
  • Single source of user avatar and profile fields

We see that you're not using BuddyPress or Ultimate Member, so can you let us know what's the plugin that you're using on your website.

We can not cover all profile builder plugins, and we are focused on the popular ones, so you may need to consider changing the profile builder plugin in the future otherwise you will need to find developer for custom coding.

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Actually, that's why the theme is special coding, my problem was fixed when I changed my theme and now I switched to another theme, thank you for your attention.