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[Closed] Is the Buddypress "Site Profile" link missing in wpForo 2 ? *Help!*

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Hello there,

I am setting up a private forum running off buddyboss / buddypress. 

In the following article, @robert mentions that the "SITE PROFILE" link which links to the Buddypress profile shows up in the user's profile upon activating Buddypress intergration:

Now, this post was made in 2017 and relates to wpFORO v1. However, it is not the same on v2. I noticed in "Phrases" settings, there is an entry for Site Profile which makes me assume that it should show up with the intergration.

  1. Am I missing a setting to have the "Site Profile" showing up? All Buddypress intergrations are ticked in the Buddypress intergrations tab.
  2. If this feature was removed, it would be something worth adding as I do believe having 2 profiles will confuse members unless it's more clear. I.e. I will change Profile for wpforo to "Forum Profile" or the likes... 
  3. Because "Site Profile" exists in Phrases, I'm assuming that this is potentially a bug?

I'm aware the wpForo v2 documentation is still being built, so I might have missed something. 

Thank you!

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Hi @ildanach,

There is no such button in wpForo 2.x versions. You can fully change wpForo profile URLs to BuddyPress profile URL using the "Profile Page" option in wpForo > Settings > Member Profile admin page. Use the drop-down menu and select BuddyPress.

Then go to wpForo > Overview admin page and click [Delete All Caches] button.