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[Closed] How do I Integrate Buddypress with Wpforo

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Hi guys, i recently asked this question, but the link I got for the tutorial is broken, pls anyone should help me out with a working link, thanks.

Here is the broken link:

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Hi @abel_007,

wpForo forum plugin is well integrated with many Profile Builder and Membership plugins, such as BuddyPress and Ultimate Members plugins.

Please navigate to the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page and check the BuddyPress integration options. Screenshot below:


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@chris It's the tutorial on how to set up BuddyPress I was referring to.

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I'm also interested in this.  I verified Buddypress Integration is enabled but I don't see wpForo forums when I go into the group.  I'm sure its something I'm doing wrong but if anyone has an idiots guide on replacing bbpress with wpForo as the forum of choice, i would appreciate any help.  Groups are important to our website and having a forum in those groups is critical.

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I wouldn't hold out too much hope for this feature, but it seems like it might be on the table for future release as an addon. It's been requested several times over the last few years, and this new update was just provided:

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Is there any new word on WPForo for BuddyPress Groups?

Groups are an important component of our site as well, and it will be difficult to migrate to WPForo without this.