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New Feature [Solved] Integrate user rating with wpDiscuz?

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Recently I've installed wpForo on my site and was greatly impressed by its opportunities of building communities.

The quality and design are so good that I use login/reg forms, user profiles and private messages (premium plugin) on my site outside the forum too.

But the fact is, that community may be not just the forum. I also have a lot of comments (almost 100К) to site posts by respected users, some of them were registered 10 years ago. They are rather dissapointed that in their new profile (provided by wpForo) they have low rating.

So, whould you please add two options:

1) Consider site comments (plus to forum comments) when calculating users's rating;

2) Display wpForo's user rating (and may be user group too according wpForo settings) near comment author's name in wpDiscuz.

Thank you!

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Hi @stan1z,

Thank you for the suggestion.

We'll take it into consideration for feature releases.