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[Closed] List of Wordpress Plugins compitable with wpforo

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We are aware that the WordPress Plugins are created in a way to work with Wordpress most of the times. So, there are several popular plugins  which users install on their WordPress website. But are they really compatible with WpForo?

Installing and checking plugins might be time consuming for newbies. So, I believe it is always good for the wpforo community if we can discuss (not support) about the WordPress plugins those are compatible and integrates well with both WpForo and WordPress.

Please do add your list of plugins - which you have tested and works fine with WordPress and WpForo as well - under this post or post a topic using a topic tag plugins.

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Hi Yogen,

wpForo developers have made the plugin maximumly compatible with other WordPress plugins. There are a little number of plugins that conflict with wpForo. All these topics can be found under the plug-in conflict tag.