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[Closed] Quick user registration on mobile?

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We're using wpforo for a client's site and I have a problem I am hoping someone can help with.

The forum itself is great, but when you view the site on on mobile (as most people will do) it's not immediately obvious where a new user can 'register' as this is hidden in the burger menu of wpforo menu.

Is there an option for a 'register' button or 'quick' sign-up for users to register that we can show outside of menu? Either in a button in the page itself or a widget?

We need something that is visible outside of the menu.

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Hi @claireb,

The wpForo menu is a regular WordPress menu. Each menu item has its own specific shortcode-URL. Using these shortcodes you can add wpForo menu items in any menu and customize it as you like. 

More info here:

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i had this issue with it not showing in desktop but there is no way as far as i can see to make it visible on mobile?

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Hi @st0nehead_ss,

You can set wpForo registration page outside wpForo navigation menu. Set it on theme menu.