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New Feature [Closed] Do you have any plans of adding these in nere future?

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Hi @Alvina!

Posted by: @robert

1. Mark topic as favorite so that user may easily refer later - (in to-do)
2. Add Related Topics - (exists, just use tags to see related topics in topic footer section)
3. Pre ticked checkbox for "subscribe to topic" - (exists, the option is in Settings > Features Tab)
4. Search Topics while typing topic to avoid duplicate topic - (in to-do)
5. Force users to add tags (not planned)
6. Inbuilt notification system so that users will be notified if their topic is replied, liked, voted, answered or commented - (in to-do)

Are 1, 4 and 6 already out? Thank you very much! Awesome plugin.

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The #6 is added in 1.7.0 version:

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