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Suggestion [Closed] Does WPForo support EXXP plugin-Hive Blockchain Crossposting

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I wanted to ask, if WPForo does support the plugin for Hive Blockchain Crossposting, so every major posting, which is made on the forum is additionally posted to the Hive blockchain ?

Does that work with WPForo ?

I havent tried it yet, but as WPForo uses this custom type posting type, it might have problems, because these are not standard posting types, right ?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.


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Hi @hartiberlin,

I'm sorry, but wpForo does not support Cross-Posting to Hive Blockchain.

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Thanks for the info, but couldnt it be done by this exxp plugin ?

Or could mycreed addon be used to get some money for my members for their postings ?

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wpForo is not integrated with exxp, and we do not families with that. Please contact the exxp plugin developer and ask this question to them.We don't even know what does the exxp plugin.

For the MyCRED you can check out this addon: