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[Solved] Menu and Media Folder

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I have these issues / queries :

1. Menu name : How do i change the menu name which gets done as wpforo menu (under Appearance-->Menu) As i would like to custom name them as per my forum

2. Media Folder : The same way i wish to have custom name for wpforo media folder that gets created under the uploads directory as /wpforo_3/attachments/<user-id>/<file-name>

The problem is that each such uploaded file reveals the user's ID on wordpress install, which gives hacker one handle to catch hold for breaking. We use som many snippets / plugins to hide the UserID and WpForo so easily reveals it with the user's uploaded media file.

Is there a way most importantly to somehow change the name wpforo from menu name and the upload folder ?

3. Media size : we had installed smush pro for reducing the file size, this plugin by default works on media upload folder of wordpress. Because wpforo creates a custom folder (while also revealing the user id to the hackers) this makes smush-pro unable to automagically find the folder and work on reducing the images. Is there a way that we can use the same media folder for wpforo to store all forum user's attached images etc  


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Hi @forum-user,

we don't provide support for wpForo addons, only for wpForo plugin, for the addons support please go to

About your question, you should check Secure Attachment URL's option of the addon.

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@chris you are very kind, surely will do the needful check. Thanks.