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[Closed] [post_url] is missing colon

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1. Create a reply where the text has a link, and the link is set to [post_url]


Link resolves to https://www.sitename.com

Actual result

Link results to https//www.sitename.com 

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Hi @vanessa

>>> wpForo email shortcodes

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@tutrix thx, I've seen this page, but one of the shortcodes has a bug [post_url] doesn't correctly show the URL, it's missing a colon, so it comes out as http//sitename.com 

It should either give the full https://sitename.com, or only return sitename.com in my opinion.

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It's better to remove the link you're creating and use [post_link] shortcode.

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@robert I ended up doing this. Unfortunately the text of [post_link] is automatically determined.

I was trying to hyperlink custom text.

E.g. 'Click here to view the reply' and have that link to [post_url]