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[Closed] Several issues with roles and accesses

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After tens of hours of testing, permutations, and contrastive analysis, I am stuck with number of issues:

1. Roles and Usergroups are not synching correctly

Referencing this conversation, whenever I assign to a user a role that is associated with a secondary group, it sets it as his primary group and removes others. It doesn't seem to synch with secondary usergroups! Please check this video from a barebone local installation, with only wpForo, User Role Editor, and WP-Reset (snapshot plugin), where I created a couple of roles, assigned to usergroups, then added to a new user

2. On my production site (and its staging clone), the Add New Forum Access button doesn't add a new one. Rather, it edits an existing one. This screen recording is in Arabic and RTL, but wording is irrelevant, it just demonstrates that Add New Forum Access button actually edits an existing access instead of creating a new one

I disabled all existing plugins except the staging plugin and wpForo and the issue still exists. On a second hand, I created a local site with the same configuration and it went without issue. I think that it might be a database discrepancy, or something buried deep inside. The database repair tool in wpForo does not show any errors. I tried deleting & reinstalling the and nothing changed

I need a quick help on that, as it's causing me serious business hiccups. If it can be provided here it'd be great. If pro support is the way to go just let me know


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@robert, @chris

any thoughts on this?

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@mustafamohsen Hello! I have also addressed this issue)

Here is the forum topic:

This is a popular query. But it seems that wpForo can't do that. At the time of my request, wpForo was able to synchronize only one group based on the role.

The wpForo 2.2 update was recently released.

It talks about some kind of addition to synchronization and error correction.

Perhaps this is finally what we have been waiting for for so long.

I haven't checked yet, so I can't say for sure.

I would be grateful if you could tell me if you were able to solve the problem with automatic synchronization of multiple roles with multiple secondary groups.

Sincerely, Igor.

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@igor-lohman Thank you!

Yes, it makes sense to be able to synch both primary and secondary usergroups, since they're supposed to be the same. Maybe there were some technical challenges

I've just upgraded to 2.2, but didn't test it yet, and hopefully it works well

The underlying purpose in my case is to sync with SureMembers membership plugins, which can assign roles. Now, I requested from gVectors team an integration and it's now available and works very well

Anyways, I really appreciate your care! Let's see how things will go