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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Auto Keyword Moderation

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Hi, I have recently downloaded the free plugin and am hoping to find out if there is an update or a paid plugin I can get which means I can set alarm keywords to pop up a moderator message rather than having to approve every single post. I understand I can change that setting (Approving every single post) but I don't want anyone to post unverified links in my forum so if I could add some keyword/phrases to a list that alarmed me and prevented the post from being approved automatically when someone uses those keywords that would be REALLY helpful! Any chance at all or ideas on how I can achieve this?

Facebook now do it with their Groups. 


Thanks in advance guys!

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Hi @sdeeleycarter,

Please navigate to the Dashboard > Forums  > Tools admin page, New Registered User section, and try to configure the options as you need.

Also, I'll suggest you check the Forums Censure PRO plugin. More info here: