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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Can I hide the forum selector on add topic

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I love the threaded layout but doen't understand why I see a select forum dropdown when adding a topic. The specific board only has 1 forum (so not much to select :)). The question is: can I hide the forum selector dropdown.

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me to...

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I think this will require some changes to the core Ajax functions. Perhaps @Robert can supply a snippet that will remove the dropdown in the case where this just a single forum.

For a workaround you could change the settings in Dashboard/Forums/Settings/Forums. In the threaded layout options set:

Threaded Layout - Forums List: Expanded

Threaded Layout - Display Add Topic Button on Forum List : No

This will have the effect of showing the forums in your threaded layout category on the homepage. It will remove the add topic button from the forum main page but will retain the button on each forum once you navigate to same.

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@basatexcellent @verek @amrdad,

Please don't forget that a topic cannot be created without attaching it to some forum. When you go to a forum page and click on [Add Topic] button you have already chosen the forum. But on home page in Threaded layout forum list you've not chosen any forum. So you must choose one before creating it. Topics can not be created without forum.

So, no selected forum no topic... And on home page you're not in any forum so you must select it.

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Thanks. @verek, your solution works just fine for me.