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[Closed] Clickable forum icon => forum

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Feature suggestion, please, for the Threaded Layout.

It would be useful if these icons were clickable => forum.

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open the forum-thread.php
wpforo > themes > 2022 > layouts > 4 > forum-thread.php

and replace (line 28)

<i class="<?php echo $thread['forum']['icon'] ?>" style="color: <?php echo $thread['forum']['color'] ?>"></i>


<a href="<?php echo esc_url($thread['forum']['url']); ?>"><i class="<?php echo $thread['forum']['icon'] ?>" style="color: <?php echo $thread['forum']['color'] ?>"></i></a>
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Amazing, @tutrix - thanks for this quick hack - it works perfectly ! 😎 

(And it only works on the main forum listing too, exactly as required).