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New Feature [Closed] COMPLETELY turn off forum statistics for guests

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Hey guys,

While i know there is a CAN option to prevent guests from seeing forum statistics, it does so only partially. Guests are still able to see the line containing "our latest member", "tags" and so on.

I also know i can disable them by CSS - while this is fine for "latest member", that i dont care about at all, its not for the "tags", as i still want to display it to logged in users.


Would you consider changing this CAN option to include this line (as its kind of "statistic" and  should never show member names to guests if intended as private forum and also tags should not be readable by guests imo, as they might hint to the contents or ongoings in the forum).

OR give us an entirelly new CAN specifically saying "can view forum dashboard" additionally to "can view statistics", which would be perfect and serve both needs of people?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @wmller,

Thank you for the suggestion. We'll add new can in permission list in near future releases.

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great! thanks 😊