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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] deactivation of breadcrumps in a standardtheme

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Dear supporter,

i got a Question for solving a Problem i cant solve.

i got a theme named education mind, which uses breadcrumps to Show a path from Directory.

but this is shown wrong, so that deletion helps. this is the only way to get a good side.

i searched for the breadcrumps in files and found somethink in the theme Directory theme/includes/template-functions that uses codes from the Definition in theme/Vendor/breadcrumps/breadcrumps.

a few times is tryed to delete the Right lines, but Always i only got a error and Nothing from page was showed.

beside this is tryed to make an additional css with this line: #breadcrump ( define: None;);

but this dont lead to success.

Maybe there is a Person who knows the Right command in the template-function file, that i have to delete.



i am happy About some help.






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Hi jan,

Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page, disable breadcrumb. 

More info here: