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[Solved] Error: you are not allowed to register

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Hi all!

I am using WP Floro

  • Version: 2.1.6

on my domain Ramailo Sansar.

I am getting an error on new registrations; Error: you are not allowed to register

I tried to disable Google reCaptcha and clear caches, but still, new users are not being able to register. I tested myself for registration with a Gmail account but it shows the same error.

Could anyone please tell me how to solve this?

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Hi @timerider,

Try disabling all your plugins except wpForo and try to reg again, if you have custom codes in the website, disable them a*s well.

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Please remove ANY caching from wpForo.

<!-- Hummingbird cache file was created in 0.38717293739319 seconds, on 02-03-23 20:11:44 -->
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@dimalifragis, Sorry for the late and Thank you, Indeed Hummingbird was creating this, so I removed the plugin. It's working well now.