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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Forum permissions

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Hi there,

Thanks for the wonderful software, I have a question about permissions. Is it possible to make it so users can "Reply" to threads in a certain sub-forum but not able to "Create" new ones? I have setup the sub-forum so that regular users have "read-only" access, but then they cannot reply either.

Would I need to create a new forum role for this and then give regular registered users that level of access in that specific sub-forum?

I was looking but I don't see a way to create new roles in the configuration.


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Hi @realact,

Yes you can. You should create one new Forum Access, e.g. "Reply Only" in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Access Tab.

The new forum Access can be granted to the usergroup you want for the certain forum. Just edit the forum you want to manage permissions, and set the "Reply Only" access to Usergroup you want.

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@robert thanks so much, I missed those options, I appreciate your help.

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I am on the latest wordpress and I see these above settings were changed now. Can you please give a screenshot on these settings for the current version?