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[Closed] Getting Started Videos for V2.0

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  1. Activate plugin and find forums on /community/ page, (/community-2/ if /community/ is used),
  2. Manage Forums in Dashboard > wpForo > Forums admin page,
  3. Manage Forum Menu in Dashboard > Appearance > Menu admin page,
  4. Manage Forum Widgets in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets admin page,
  5. Manage Forum Colors in Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Colors & Styles admin page, you can choose forum color styles.


If you see the forum on home page, check the following two options:

  1. Make sure the "Turn WordPress to this forum board" option is disabled in wpForo > Boards > Edit Board screen:
  2. Make sure the forum page is not set as the Front Page in WordPress Settings > Reading admin page:


Read the quick documentation:

  1. Read the Getting Started docs:
  2. And the forum settings docs:
  3. make sure you know what is a board, category and forum:
  4. And try all forum layouts:
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