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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] how to allow post "private forum topic" directly to "blog"

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hi there, I want to ask about the method that allows me to create a channel between a forum and a direct blog post.

Actually, I refuse to give access to people and just want to make a private forum where they can publish posts direct to the blog, I saw and I think that I want to reflect its effect, instead of from blog to forum No I need to forum to post.

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Hi @kh89ra,

Please note, if you have question related to wpForo addons ask them at Gvectors wpForo addons Support forum. We provide here only wpForo main plugin suport.

And about your question, there is no option for cross posting wpForo Topics to WordPress Blog Posts. Only Blog Posts to Topics.

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@chris thank you for your reply.