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[Solved] How to display new post first in WpForo?

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So, I installed WpForo engine (thank you the Team) !

But, there are one problem. The engine displays old irrelevant posts first. New commrnts go to the bottom. This order of displaying comments in forum does not make sense.

Any forum needs the newest comments on topics to be at the top.

I understand this is a very old problem. And earlier admins asked for help to solve this issue.


Like this:

Or like this (2018 year)

Please tell me if the problem is solved in 2022? Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to my question on the forum.


If the problem is still not solved, is there any way to fix it through the code? Unfortunately, I don't see the point in using a forum where old comments are displayed first. It's useless for readers.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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In fact, I bought all the WpForo plugins. Including crossposting. I was able to set WPDISCUZ to have the newest comment on top. Further, all these comments are cross-posted to the forum. But the forum displays the old ones first, and then the new ones. And that's the problem. I want the reader to go to the forum and see the current comments for today. The information that is important right now. Not yesterday or a year ago.

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This topic will be closed as the answer was given at gVectors Forum: